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We provide our clients with customized security solutions for any event type. We understand the unique challenges of  event security and safety planning. Through experience and customizable preparation we guarantee the success of our services.

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Large, Medium, and Small we have services for them all!  We provide experienced service for festivals with multiple entertainment spaces, attendee lodging, and equipment storage areas.  


We provide concert security solutions for concerts offering Guard Services, Crowd Control, Barricade Control, ID Checks

Centurion Security Solutions @ MSU Football
Centurion Security Solutions@MSU

Sporting Events

Much like the services we provide for festivals and concerts, we provide guard services for Sporting Events. Whether they are inside, outside, or a combination of both. Our experience with crowd control, access control, ticket/ID checks, and gate management make us a qualified competitor.


About Us

Centurion Security Solutions, LLC is a fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured Event Security company founded in 2013 by Christopher Jansens. Christopher served in the United States Marines from 2006 to 2017, and understood that he could provide a needed niche in the event security market. Christopher's formation of the company entailed creating a service that was reliable and adaptable to any and all types of clients. To this date, Centurion Security Solutions, LLC provides guard services to large festivals, concerts, sporting arenas, and much more. 

Since our formation we have provided security solutions to clients with ticket sales of 80,000+ as well as clients on a much smaller scale. Whatever your unique event security needs may be; we offer the flexibility and experience to ensure the security/safety.  Our dedication to client satisfaction, professional services, and experienced staff result in unsurpassed service. 


Why Choose Us

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

We exceed the State Of Michigan's requirements to provide security services. This ensures that we provide professional and satisfactory service

Reliable & Trustworthy

Client satisfaction is the backbone of our service model. When we are selected we guarantee total satisfaction of services rendered


We have provided service to a multitude of clients all requiring unique solutions to their specific event. We provide the experience necessary to assist in critical event safety planning

"Professional organization founded on integrity and loyalty."

-Deidre McKinney

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